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We understand that there are some questions about our new packaging and labels. Because it is impossible to personally respond to each one, please take the following information as our reply: - ​


Here is what you should know:


1.  Because of the international health crisis, it is impossible to continue to have any of our products manufactured in Asia.

2.  All of our products are now 100% made in the USA.


3.  All of our labels are FDA compliant.


4.  Our previous labels were too simplistic. Our new labels list the actual ingredients, rather than just the "source" of the ingredients. As a result, it is a useless endeavor to compare our old and new labels.


​5.  By popular demand, our products are now offered in capsules.


6.  By popular demand, lot numbers and expiration dates are stamped upon each bottle.


7.  Our products are packaged by professionals in a state-of-the-art facility with seals on the outside - and inside - of the bottle caps.


8.  We have always put the quality and effectiveness of our formulas at the top of our priority list.  We understand how important they are for our customers. Any changes have been made with great care and consideration  so we can continue to offer the same high quality products that our customers find effective. ​


​9.  Based upon positive feedback, our customers are satisfied with these valuable upgrades and are getting the same great results they have always achieved from our formulas. 


10.  Based upon positive feedback, our customers are thrilled that we are supporting American companies and American workers by having our products 100% made in the USA

Because we have repeatedly notified our customers about these upgrades through email, website announcements, etc. we will not accept any returns or offer any credits for any products. We appreciate your continued support of our small, family-owned business.


Please beware of any counterfeit products that appear similar to our old packaging, and/or use any of our copyrighted labels, and/or names, trademarks, etc. Our formulas are 100% original.


Kindly understand that we do not offer medical advice. We will not reply to any emails asking us to do so, including dosage information. We encourage customers to consult with their doctors. 


Because at this time it's "all hands on deck" and we are filling so many orders, please understand if we do not reply to emails or calls in a timely fashion. We are doing the best we can.

Thank you for your patience during this positive transition process.

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